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Welcome to Our Social Media Marketing Page!

Our names are Tawnie & Wayne and we create art through outdoor and romantic photography.  We have created the ultimate digital content creation combination through our photography & travels. We can be represented by the brand 'Harris Natural Photography' - which is our product and commercial photography brand, and also by the brand 'Life Outside Boundaries' which is our own personal travel influencer identity that you will find on social media.

Our digital creation goal is to represent and share companies through our outdoor and romantic photography, videography and social media influence.

Some background on us - we are a married couple in our mid 20's who decided we wanted to live an unconventional life outside of the traditional 9-5, staying in one location. We sold our house, our belongings, bought a travel trailer and remodeled it and began traveling the U.S.A full time as digital nomads with our Siberian Husky, Gypsy and our two cats Yogi and Bucha.
We had already started our photography business in the beginning of 2020 when we were focusing on wedding, engagement, portrait and family photos in naturally lit outdoor areas. We have been creating digital content together since the very beginning of our relationship back in 2018. When we hit the road in the beginning of 2021, we decided it was time to transfer our skills into the social media marketing industry to combine our own personal influencer brand with our photography services. Please refer to our 'Services Offered' page for more details on how we can help you to grow your brand/business.

Tawnie has over four years of corporate product marketing experience in the travel industry managing projects that resulted in millions of dollars in additional revenue for her previous company. Not only did she create additional streams of revenue for the company, but also provided value to their customers which built lasting relationships between the two. She has now transferred these skills of building a trusting relationship with customers over to our own brand where we have established relationships with thousands of people who follow and are connected with us on our social media platforms. This relationship allows us to connect potential customers with brands of interest, resulting in boosted sales and market growth.

Wayne has been working as a freelance photographer/videographer for over two years, but has experience with his own personal photography for more. Wayne has done hundreds of shoots since beginning his work as a freelancer, which has strengthened his ability to work with clients and honed his craft.  Wayne has a distinct talent for setting a stage and capturing the moment with unique and creative elements.  With his love for photography and having a sharp eye for finding the perfect natural/outdoor setting, Wayne is truly a professional in showcasing his subject. 

Together with Wayne's photography skills and Tawnie's marketing abilities we make an unbeatable pair for success and hope to prove that to you in the quality of our services.

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